"Have a fulfilling life instead of hoping for a better one."
- Konrad Konradsson

Hello! My name is Konrad Shay Konradsson. You may know me by one of my usernames: Shay9999, Konradsson9999, or FarmersRabbit. I’m a young adult that has been doing independent software development work since I was 14 years old. I’ve helped with and started several companies related to software development and graphic arts. I enjoy keeping myself busy, from designing and developing a new piece of software, to working on large math equations, story writing, making music, working on a website, or developing a video game!

I've worked at TFD Group since 2014, and I've enjoyed every minute of the experience. As one of their programmers, I tackle problems within all of our software, and work hard at designing and developing new features. I've spent a long time working on the TFD Reports, Data Grids, and fixing bugs as we encounter them. This is one of my first jobs in the software development industry, and it's a company I can get behind. We develop software used by big companies to help them save money.

I was given the wonderful opportunity in 2015 and 2016 to work alongside the many members of Black Uhlan Studio, working on a project named Sol Centra. With great effort, sweat, blood, and tears, we managed to create a working build of the game for presentation purposes. Unfortunately, the progress is on hold, until interest arises in the project. A special thanks to Jan and Piotr, for bringing the team together.
Check out the SolCentra tribute page here.

Thank you for checking out my website.